Voters Find “Common Ground” On Abortions

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – A newly released poll from Middle Tennessee State University shows that voters may have found some common ground when it comes to abortions.

The poll, released Wednesday, asked 600 randomly selected registered voters what would be the most likely to reduce the number of abortions performed. Voters could answer stricter abortion regulations, more access to birth control and sex education, or both or neither.

37% of those polled said more access to birth control and sex education are the best ways. 39% said more access to birth control and stricter abortions will bring down the number of abortions in the state.

“The findings may point out a thin strip of common ground between Tennessee voters on opposite sides of the abortion issue,” Dr. Ken Blake said.

Meanwhile, Tennessee lawmakers have also been working to increase access to contraceptives.

Senator Steven Dickerson (R-Nashville) is working on a bill that could allow pharmacists to write prescriptions for women who want oral contraception. Dickerson said he’s still working out the details of the bill, and there could be changes.

However, he also said most of his counterparts at the Tennessee Capitol agreed with his bill.

“The real reception I’m getting is people slapping themselves in the forehead saying, ‘This seems really simple. i can’t believe somebody didn’t think of this before,'” Senator Dickerson said.

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