State Senate Candidate Dickerson Favors “Tim Tebow” Law

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NASHVILLE, TN. – Dr. Steve Dickerson, the Republican candidate for the State Senate in District 20, has announced that he is in favor of allowing home-school students to participate in extracurricular activities.

“Education will be one of my top priorities for the next legislative session; I believe home-schooling is one of several choices that will aide in improving our flawed education system.  Just as in business, choice and competition are the driving edge that will lead our education system into the future,”  said Dickerson.

In 2010, the TSSAA ruled that home-schooled students could play sports at public schools, but that the decision would be left up to each individual school district. The state law that would allow this across the field in Tennessee is commonly referred to as the “Tim Tebow Law”.

“Four areas in which I believe that we can better educate our children are school vouchers, charter schools, private schools and home-schooling,” commented Dickerson. “The “Tim Tebow Law” is a prime example of giving parents the choice to educate their children the way that they see fit without losing the chance to compete in extracurricular activities. Having this opportunity will allow more students access to college through avenues that otherwise may have been closed to them; such as athletic scholarships. In the current economic state, we must ensure that every student across Tennessee as the ability to receive an education beyond high school; so that we have a well-educated workforce that will drive our economy. ”

Steve Dickerson is a practicing physician and founding partner of Anesthesia Services Associates. Dickerson attended the University of the South in Sewanee graduating with a B.A. in History. He then received his medical degree at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University. Steve Dickerson has been married to his wife Katrina for 19 years and they have three sons, Reid, Evan, and Bennett.


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