Opportunity is the cornerstone for our city and state’s future. Opportunity to raise a family, pursue a career or live the American dream. I have supported policies to empower individuals to create opportunity through education and economic means and will continue to do so.

  • School Choice: I support school choice so parents and students are empowered to make the best decision for their educational needs.
  • Opportunity Scholarships: I support opportunity scholarships to help the neediest families in our state enhance their chances of academic success so they have to the chance to move forward in society and are not left behind.
  • Smarter Pre-K: I sponsored and passed legislation to improve our Pre-K system. Early childhood education can work, but we can’t rely on the status quo. Smarter, data-driven early education is essential.
  • Freeze Tuition in State Higher Ed: I fought to halt the relentless tuition increases at our state colleges and universities. Post-Secondary education is crucial to success and we cannot allow tuition inflation to make college unaffordable for middle class Tennesseans.
  • Foster Innovation: To spur job growth we need a stable framework that allows a bottom-up approach to job creation. I support developing a simple and consistent regulatory network that allows innovative new companies, like Uber, to succeed and not be driven out by big government activists.
  • End Burdensome Over-regulation: I believe in putting an end to unnecessary, burdensome taxes and regulations so our state’s entrepreneurs and job creators have the opportunity to thrive.


Prosperity does not happen by accident. It is the product of hard working Tennesseans pursuing their dreams in an environment unencumbered by big government. As a state Senator, I will continue to foster a pro-business environment so the job creators of our state can continue to put Tennesseans to work.

  • Stopped a State Income Tax: Preventing a state Income Tax was one of my central priorities as a legislator. Tennessee has passed a constitutional amendment that will make sure we will never have a state Income Tax.
  • End Hall’s Income Tax: Hall’s Income Tax has long been one of the greatest state tax burdens left in Tennessee and I was proud to co-sponsor the bill leading to a 16% decrease this year and ultimately to a full repeal over the next 5 years.
  • Recruit Jobs: I will continue to work with our local and regional partners to recruit and bring new jobs to Davidson county and Middle Tennessee. A rising tide floats all boats.
  • Seek a Comprehensive Transit Solution: Working to build a comprehensive solution to transit is one of the keys to sustainable growth and expansion in Nashville. We are not an island and we must work with stakeholders at every level — local, regional, state and federal — to develop solutions to ease the increasing burden that congestion places on our community.
  • Remove Barriers to Employment: Prosperity is created in the halls of private employers, not the halls of the State Capitol. I will continue to fight for legislation like the “Right to Earn a Living Act” to remove barriers for employment for Tennesseans.


As the father of three sons and husband of over 20 years, I know the importance family plays in our lives. The main reason I ran for office was to help provide a better future for my family and thousands of other families in Nashville. I have fought for issues and solutions that allow our communities and families to thrive and I will continue to do so.

  • Increase Access for Adult Women to Contraception: Half of all pregnancies in Tennessee are either unplanned or mistimed. I sponsored and passed legislation that increases access to hormonal contraception for Tennessee women. By allowing for easier access to these medications, we can decrease the number of unplanned and mistimed pregnancies.
  • Oppose the Quarry at Old Hickory: I am proud to stand with families in Old Hickory by being the only legislator to pass a bill out of committee to stop the unsafe quarry near the Old Hickory dam. I will continue to fight for the safety of all of Davidson County.
  • Protect our Local Communities: I will continue to stand with the people of our local communities to fight for the families and resources that make Nashville what it is. I have been proud to stand with the people of Joelton as we work to stop the Gas Compressor to ensure the safety of our citizens and preserve our quality of life. We can have growth while still working to protect our natural resources and parks so that families can continue to enjoy the beauty of Middle TN.
  • Protect Victims of Domestic Violence: Victims need time to seek shelter after episodes of domestic violence. I partnered with groups such as the Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence to sponsor and pass the bill that strengthened victims’ protections in this critical time frame.
  • Medical Cannabis: I sponsored the bill to allow the medical use of cannabis to treat some of our state’s sickest patients. It is time for our state to put smart medical policies in place and no longer rely on outdated information.
  • Combat Opiate Abuse: The overuse of opiate medications has reached epidemic levels. As a physician, I have seen first-hand the impact these medications have had on our families when misused and I will continue to fight to curtail the over-prescription of these medications. Over the last several years, opiate use in Tennessee has decreased over 15% but there is still work to be done.